Save BIG with our Automated Time Management System

Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests and accruals.

TimeWorksPlus delivers the latest in cloud-based punch and time card services supporting intelligent clock features and a wide range of clocks. Seamlessly integrates with payroll services.

Eliminate the Challenges of Time & Attendance

TimeWorksPlus is a cloud-based time and attendance service that...

  • Gets rid of paper and spreadsheets
  • Simplifies time card reconciliation
  • Streamlines payroll processing
  • Provides easy employee punching
  • Installs in minutes


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Introducing TimeWorksPlus Mobile App

A Punch Clock In Your Pocket!

Clock in/out and manage your time card and PTO.

TimeWorksPlus Mobile apps simplify accurate workforce managements for distributed and on-the-go employees and managers. Punch in/out, approve time cards, submit time-off requests, view schedules and check accruals. Pin-point GPS even adds location data and map views to punch locations.

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We support a wide range of time collection options! From traditional PIN punch to RFID and biometric readers. Intelligent clock software supports embedding time and data collection from any portal, application or mobile device. Contact us to discuss all of the different options!