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Our parent firm, James Hamlin & Co., P.C., was founded by Jim and Carol Hamlin in 1964, advising small to medium-sized businesses and preparing financial statements & tax returns. Taking care of clients' payroll processing was still a ways away from reality. Developing a reputation for outstanding customer service, the firm grew and eventually outgrew two buildings before settling into our current Antioch headquarters and neighborhood offices in Kenosha, Gurnee and Lake Zurich. Many of those great relationships created so long ago exist to this day.

Having a great relationship with our clients includes listening and quickly responding to their needs. When our clients asked us for payroll processing to complement our other services, our payroll business was born. Things were pretty simple at first; we cut checks and paid taxes for a handful of our accounting clients. We didn't stay small for long.

With success came change. We added dedicated payroll staff, expanded our offerings and continued to invest in the best people and best payroll software platforms. Payroll processing became such a big part of our business it got its own name: Your Payroll Department.

Today, Your Payroll Department has hundreds of clients with employees living, working and getting paid (accurately and on-time, of course) across the country. While our business has grown, we haven't outgrown our focus on great service, strong relationships with our clients and investing in our people & products.

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Since we started using James Hamlin & Co. and Your Payroll Department for our accounting and payroll needs, its team made it much more understandable and easier to make wise decisions. This allowed us to focus on other aspects of our business operations. As a small business, having a ready-to-help hand made a difference in our continuing growth. - Saul Arteaga, President, Southern Wisconsin Interpreting & Translation Services, Ltd., Delavan, WI

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