We're here for you through COVID-19

With the current state of the country with regard to COVID-19, please know that we are committed to helping you get your employees paid on time. 
To safeguard the wellness of you and our team, we have stopped allowing visitors into our building. Anyone picking up payroll packets will be met at the door for a hand-off. 

Many of our team members have been seamlessly moved to working from their homes in a paperless environment. Phone calls, emails and processing have been transitioned without a hitch. We also have staff remaining in the office who will be here every day to print paper checks and get them out for delivery. 

We understand that your business may have gone through changes as well. If you need to adjust how your payroll is being delivered please let us know. We have a number of options available: send everything via email; give your employees online portal access to view their stubs; various delivery services; and mail the checks directly to your employees’ homes. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you. 

We are honored to serve you and wish you and your families well in these unprecedented times.