Your Time is the Most Valuable Resource You Have. Let Us Give You Some Back.


What our clients tell us is they need most is more time! They want the burden of tedious, time-consuming payroll processing off their plate so they can focus on other business needs. The other thing we hear is business owners want a relationship with their payroll company. They want a live person who can help with the sensitive data they have.

Here's what else our clients say about Your Payroll Department - outstanding customer service backed by intuitive, accurate software and easy-to-read reports make all the difference. These are just a few of many aspects of our payroll service that makes us the best in the business. We are committed to the highest level of service, taking payroll worries off your desk and off your mind.

We remove the burden of tedious, time-consuming payroll processing so you can focus on other business needs. Our professionals provide robust payroll solutions customized to your needs and backed by cutting-edge software and hardware. We ensure your payroll is processed smoothly, efficiently, and without disruption to your routine. We strive to bring perfection every time.

We do everything the big payroll companies do and with a community feel. You might even spot us at the grocery store or a little league game. Our local roots mean you talk to a live person right here in the USA. That's where your sensitive data lives - here, not shipped off to some faraway country like some other payroll processors do.

Whether you're a small, local business with a few employees or a company with hundreds of employees across the country, we offer a range of solutions for complex situations. Your Payroll Department is Your Trusted Advisor, anticipating your needs with consistent accuracy. We strive to provide Plus One service and will go above and beyond to satisfy your payroll needs. This is part of the real value Your Payroll Department offers you. It's our way of showing that we are invested in your success.

Your Payroll Department simplified our payroll processing very much with the added reports and the flexibility of the Evolution software.

They keep us in the loop on the Affordable Care Act. They are also very receptive about answering questions.

Mike Lia - V.P. Office Operations, C.C. of Wisconsin (Cost Cutters Family Hair Salon), Kenosha, WI