Pay As You Go Workers' Compensation

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Pay As You Go is a billing option that enables you to send your Workers’ Compensation premium payments to your insurance company based on your actual payroll info. You pay only what you owe, as you owe it, based on your actual payroll data.

Connect Workers' comp to your payroll and start paying as you go

Would you like to...

  • improve your cash flow?
  • base your payments on actual premium instead of an estimate?
  • eliminate up-front deposits and lump payments?
  • sync your electronic payment directly with your payroll?
  • decrease or eliminate your chance of audit expenses?

Unlike traditional “direct bill” options, Pay As You Go (PAYG) includes no up-front deposits, lump-sum payments, or installment fees. Since PAYG calculates premiums off of your actual payroll data instead of an estimate, the amount you owe remains true—no matter how much your payroll may fluctuate—greatly reducing your chance of year-end audit expenses.

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