Pay Cards

A secure, convenient alternative to paper paychecks.

Pay cards offer businesses and their employees a secure, convenient alternative to paper paychecks. Your employee’s pay is automatically loaded on to the card and is available to use right away, with no check-cashing fees. Purchases can be made everywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted, including online and through digital payment tools.

A better way to get paid

Save time and money with prepaid pay cards.

Easily load wages onto a re-loadable card instead of cutting a paper check or making a direct deposit to an employee’s bank account. The funds are available right away. Simple and convenient for you and your employees!

Value to the employer

  • Achieve 100% electronic payroll and eliminate paper
  • Real-time Funding
  • Designed Prepaid Technologies account manager
  • Options to order personalized cards or instant issue
  • Easy and secure client portal access 24/7
  • Seamless integration with ACH
  • Free employee communication materials

Value to the employee

  • No credit check required
  • Immediate access to funds on payday
  • Unlimited free access to cash at 50,000+ Allpoint ATMs nationally
  • Worldwide purchases anywhere debit is accepted
  • Protection against fraudulent use
  • Free text and email notifications
  • Free online bill payments
  • Cash reloads
  • Remote check deposit
  • Free U.S.-based customer service available 24/7 in English and Spanish by phone, online or a live agent

Easy Implementation

  • Fast set up and customization
  • Seamless ordering
  • Cards mailed to employees or company for distribution
  • Each card has a bank routing and account number that is used to fund cards via ACH

Pay Card Programs on the Rise

Prepaid pay cards are the new substitute for direct deposit and paper checks. They are not only reaching a larger range of employees, but are also saving businesses and banks large sums of money. Businesses who employ hourly workers absolutely love prepaid pay cards. They are the ideal resource for employees currently unable to take advantage of direct deposit, including temporary, part-time, and contracted employees. 

Ready to streamline how you pay your employees?